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"Total Body" is our name, and our philosophy.

Often, when people get injured, they develop ways to compensate for their injury that can involve many different regions of the body. These physical adaptations often alter the normal function of the body, leading to additional pain and other undesirable symptoms that can last long after the initial injury has healed. At our clinic, we evaluate the overall physical condition of each new patient in order to correct and prevent dysfunction in the whole body, not just the injury site.

In developing our chiropractic clinic, it was important for us to include health practitioners who could offer supportive, complementary services in other fields such as massage therapy, naturopathy, hypnotherapy and others, in order to address multiple aspects of a patient's therapy requirements. Our experience over the years has identified that, if a condition has been long established, then the body will often utilize a number of compensatory mechanisms in order to cope with the situation.

Careful selection has resulted in an interactive team of professionals that provide the kind of integrative health care support we believe is most effective in helping people reach optimum mental and physical health.

Happily servicing the Leslieville, Beach and other areas of Greater Toronto
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